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What is bitFlyer, a cryptocurrency exchange? 

Cryptocurrency (virtual currency) exchanges include security, number of stocks handled, liquidity, etc. as criteria when choosing an exchange. BitFlyer, a major domestic cryptocurrency exchange, boasts the highest level of security in the industry and handles a large number of 13 types of stocks. It is an environment where it is easy to close transactions because […]

How much does it cost to buy, sell and send Bitcoin?

Bitcoin (BTC), which is a representative of virtual currency, is showing excitement again, with the price exceeding $ 60,000 in April 2021 and reaching a record high. On the other hand, many people may not know much about Bitcoin. So this time, let’s explain the fees for purchasing, selling, and remittance of Bitcoin. The ranking […]

You can lock the most suitable currency pair for trading.

Whether you are an investor or a trader, you can make a profit based on understanding the currency. Selling currencies that are overvalued and buying currencies that are undervalued is what every trader wants to do. However, not all currency pairs have the same transaction value. Some currency pairs have high liquidity and low spreads. […]

What are Spreads in the Forex Trading conditions

A transaction in which a customer deposits a small amount of margin and buys or sells a foreign currency such as dollars or euros on the assumption that the principal is many times that amount. They are known as Forex Trading conditions. The ban was lifted by the 1998 revision of the Foreign Exchange Law […]

What if Bitcoin is securitized? Explain the future impact!

What if Bitcoin is securitized? Explain the future impact!

What if Bitcoin is securitized? Explain the future impact: A virtual currency that has been recognized by many people since around 2017. After that, it went down due to an accident related to the security of the exchange, but it has been attracting attention again due to the influence of the monetary easing of each country […]