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Forex Trading for beginners! How to buy American stocks (US stocks)

Forex Trading for beginners! How to buy American stocks (US stocks)

Forex Trading for beginners! How to buy American stocks (US stocks): U.S. Stock Exchange (US Commodity Market) is a market in the US, the largest market in the world. The real business is making products in the US.

You can open a market directly for an American securities company, but if you do not trust your English skills, you can open a bank for an American securities company online firm in India to open a market in the US product market. It is possible to buy and sell commercial products. 

 In stock trading, stocks and cash are delivered at the time of trading, but in stock index futures trading, delivery does not occur at trading.

In-kind trading of stocks requires the entire transaction amount or stocks, and the in-kind delivery is performed when the transaction is completed. 

However, stock index futures are transactions that promise to “buy” or “sell” the stock index at a fixed price on the due date, so the physical delivery is not performed at the time of trading. 

Therefore, a margin system is adopted to guarantee settlement performance and ensure the security of transactions. If you deposit a certain margin, you do not need to prepare the entire transaction amount. 

It is similar to margin trading of stocks in that you can deposit a certain amount of money without preparing the entire transaction amount. 

Characteristics of the American stock market for Forex Trading for beginners

One of the characteristics of the American market is that it has been very large. Thus many financial products are acquired, and the commodity exchanges include many of the companies around the world.

In terms of investment capital, US companies make up half of the world’s top ten. Regarding the market capitalization of the whole market, it can be said that these products are not bigger than the market standard in India.

With such an hour, the influence in the stock markets of other countries will order at a higher rate. There have been times in the past when commodity prices have fallen in the US market, having had a major impact on other countries. There are nearly 9,000 commodities traded on the market, so for starters, any country can be traded if you have US capital.

Forex Trading for beginners! How to buy American stocks (US stocks)

When buying and selling American products from India, if it is a time-saving day, the business time starts at 10:30 a.m. and ends at 5:00 p.m. in India.

In the winter (time format), it starts at 11:30 p.m. and ends at 6:00 p.m. So, you can cooperate with the business in real-time after you get home after work.

You can buy all the stock from one stock, and there are many active stocks in many stocks, so there is plenty of time to make money. Another peculiarity is that there are no unknown restrictions in Indian markets between “high stop” and “low stop”.

It should be noted that the exchange rate of the yen-dollar exchange rate can always reduce the value of the stock when converting to yen, even if the company’s performance is not a special problem. . (In fact, reversal is also true.) This phenomenon is caused by a change in the so-called “exchange rate risk”.

Points for purchasing American stocks (US stocks)

Since there is a tendency to measure companies according to a slightly different standard from the Indian market, it seems to be necessary to understand the screening process around them. and predict future prices.

Especially in the venture capital market, investors should be concerned about “ROE,” which is a measure of how much they can benefit from their current investment.

In this case, this number is usually less of a problem in the Indian market. (The reason is the environment is different from the United States in terms of tax rates of companies, etc.) It is also necessary to guarantee that the capital is large enough.

Even companies with small investments can increase “ROE” temporarily by borrowing more and achieving better returns in line with a profitable business. However, in the case of cashback, it is difficult to repay the debt with a small amount of capital.

Another important aspect of the audit is the increase in interest rates. Revenue from income or the value of the ratio of income to equity may be increased compared to the previous year.

Companies that have grown every year can thank the management team for their management team today. High-profit growth means ROE and capital adequacy are likely to increase further in the future.

When the capital of such a company is temporarily profitable due to the cold of the joint venture, even if there is no problem for the operation of the company itself, it comes can claim that it is too expensive.

I will. In this way, the US retail market offers a big opportunity by always looking for promising companies and waiting for the right time to buy. 

What kind of trading is futures trading?

Suppose you have a set meal shop. Prices of vegetables, fish, meat, and rice, which are ingredients for set meals, fluctuate depending on the weather and environment. 

However, the price of a set meal cannot be easily changed just because components fluctuate. 

If the price of vegetables, fish, or meat rises, you can adjust it by changing the menu or ingredients, but it is unthinkable that the set meal does not have the rice (= rice) that is indispensable for the set meal. 

Therefore, if nothing is done, the set meal’s profit will decrease as rice prices rise. So how can you stabilize your earnings even if the price of the material fluctuates? All you have to do is get rice at a fixed price for the future.

If you promise to buy rice at the price you have just agreed on a fixed day in the future, you can buy rice at a price lower than the market price, even if the market price is rising when the deadline comes. 

Forex Trading for beginners! How to buy American stocks (US stocks)

I can do it. On the other hand, if the market price is falling, you will buy at a price higher than the market price, so it seems that you have lost at first glance, but because the material cost of the set meal is calculated in advance at that price. The profit is the same as expected initially. 

Also, from the perspective of the farmers who sell rice, they promise to sell rice at a fixed price. 

If rice is a good harvest and the market price goes down, you can sell it higher than the market price, but if the market price goes up due to a bad harvest, you have to sell it cheaply. 

However, since the income is calculated in advance at that price, there is no effect. 

In this way, futures trading allow you to sell or buy items with price fluctuations at a fixed price, so it is used as a means (risk hedging) to avoid the effects of price fluctuations. 

You can also use price fluctuations to make a profit by buying and selling if you think the price will go up, and then going from selling if you think the price will go down, and then buying and selling in the opposite direction by the due date.


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