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Basics That You Can Only Learn Through Forex Education

The biggest attraction of Forex Education is that you can invest from a small amount and expect a big return. There are various investment methods in Forex, but “day trading”, which has the characteristics of being easy to accumulate profits and avoiding large losses, In the world of forex which allows 24-hour trading, there are many investors who have made great achievements by creating their own rules and constantly buying and selling in a short period of time.

Train both knowledge and mentality

In order to seize such an opportunity without missing it, it is indispensable to be able to reflexively judge buying and selling by looking at daily news and chart movements However if you are just vaguely learning Forex Education not only will you not be able to make reflexive judgments, but you will also have an unexpected negative position because you do not have the coping method and mentality when you swing in the opposite direction to In order to be able to make profits constantly as a day trader.

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It is necessary to have these two abilities, “to acquire knowledge that can be judged reflexively” and “to acquire coping methods, mentality, and trading forex education skills Please acquire skills in this seminar so that you can always stay in the market.

To find your own trading method

The first thing you shouldn’t do is buy and sell “somehow”.・ It is necessary to acquire the ability to instantly use various techniques such as

  • technical analysis
  • fundamental analysis
  • currency combination

and leverage ratio. It is very important to learn . Understand your style, advantages and disadvantages, make optimal investment decisions and make improvements, and become a day trader who can continue to generate returns!

10 Fun Facts About Forex Trading

Every day, you have to read complex Forex Education

Instead of boring old stuff, we’re going to mention 10 fun facts about Forex trading.

Forex goes back to ancient times

There is an opinion that the first signs of forex erupted in biblical times.

The Egyptian money market dates back to the 4th century.

Until recently, foreign exchange trading began 500 years ago in the Netherlands as merchants demanded free trade.

By 1875, a standard gold system was established, which ended in 1944 with the introduction of the Bretton Woods system. In 1972, an innovative free-floating exchange rate pioneered the modern foreign exchange market. The rest is history (literally).

Forex sees a lot every day

Crazy enough, the foreign exchange market processes $6 trillion worth of transactions every day! That’s 12 zeros times 6!

Indeed, this is a huge amount. Therefore, Forex is known as the largest market on the planet.

The dollar drives the market

The foreign exchange market is traded in currency pairs: major currency pairs, minor currency pairs and exotic currency pairs.

Major currencies (eg EUR/USD and AUD/USD) have the most activity. 

Most of them have dollars. 

The U.S. dollar accounts for 80% of foreign exchange market transactions.

61% of foreign exchange reserves are in dollars. 40% of the world’s debt is in dollars. These are just some of the facts that describe how the U.S. dollar moves the market.

The nickname of GBP/USD is Cable

I know, funny name. But it’s true. Cable is one of the most traded currency pairs in the Forex market. This nickname dates back to the 19th century.

EUR/USD is called Fiber

The slang name EUR/USD is a better variant of GBP/USD.

“Cable” replaced “fiber optic” as fiber optic lines began to replace cables in the late 1990s.

The UK is the center of the foreign exchange market

London has always been a centre of global trade.

The US accounted for 19% of foreign exchange transactions, while the UK accounted for 41%. 

There is not much volatility in the foreign exchange market

You may have seen your positions move up and down. However, the market itself is rarely subject to wild swings.

The central bank intervenes whenever it is necessary to stabilize the currency exchange rate.

Forex never sees a night

You might argue that contemporary money will soon be a thing of the past, but that’s unlikely.

Currency represents the culture and identity of a country. Even in the digital world, not every currency can be digitized.

Forex trading used to cost millions of dollars

If you were born in the 1970s, you would need millions of dollars to open a foreign exchange

account.Today, all you need is a dollar!

Grab your device and internet connection and start trading!

Women are better at trading than men

According to a study by Warwick Business School, women are better at foreign exchange trading than men. The difference is about 1.8%.

There you have it; interesting facts about the Forex market. I believe these will make you fall in love with Forex again.

Which Forex Pairs Should We Trade?

We discuss the timing of the London session and some facts about each time slot and the session as a whole. But which currency pairs should we trade?

High liquidity this season allows us to trade almost any currency pair.

For us, however, the final currency pair includes GBP and EUR.

These examples include:

  1. EUR/USD
  2. GBP/CHF
  3. EUR/JPY
  4. GBP/USD
  5. EUR/CAD
  6. GBP/AUD

London markets open at 7am.

Trading volume has increased dramatically, as have price movements.

These surges occurred before the London market opened to find the most appropriate opening price.

During the London session, we should avoid currency pairs like AUD and NZD.

Spreads are likely to be high, while opportunities are harder to find. Consolidation and unpredictable prices are also reasons to avoid the AUD and NZD currency pair throughout the trading session.

Is the London meeting worth it?


Most profitable traders trade during this period.

This is because of the high liquidity, volume and opportunities compared to the New York session. We traders also have a lot of buying and selling.

10% of foreign exchange transactions take place in London. Also known as the European trading session, it is very beneficial for traders if they choose the right currency pair